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Fresh Hop Season!

Fresh hop season is upon us. Washington is one of the big three hop producers making us all incredibly lucky. Hops are harvested in late August through September. 

Brewers will use some of these newly harvested hops to make a fresh hop beer. 

What is fresh hop beer you ask? Fresh hop beer is produced with glorious hops, harvested within 24 hours of use. These beers are less bitter and have less of a bite and are more fresh, herbal or “green”  in their flavor profile. 

We have a variety of fresh hop beers on tap and in cans. Check out our beer menu to see what fresh hop beer is pouring today. 


Join the Cosmic Explorers Mug Club

Cosmic Bottles is proud to announce the first offering of the Cosmic Explorers Mug Club. Each member will get a personalized 20 oz mug to hang on the wall at Cosmic Bottles. Purchase a pint pour of beer and get 25% more beer free. Only valid for items offered at the 16 oz price.

Members will receive a monthly newsletter and invitations to members only events and discounts.

Two levels of membership:

  • $100 - Annual club membership, expires December 1, 2022

  • $250 - 5 year membership, expires December 1, 2026